Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Week

I've finished the first week of school. I am teaching only one class, Grade 9 English, plus working as a teacher-librarian. I'm delighted with the class, and also that it's going to be a really non-stressful assignment. I need non-stress in my working life because my personal life surely isn't right now. Hopefully things will improve there too.

This weekend has been productive, despite a slow start. Yesterday I worked really hard at procrastination all day (and having many years' experience at this, I can say that I did it really well!). I therefore finished an entire quilt top; queen/king bed sized. What I should have been doing was working on my unit planning; however I've done that for four solid hours this afternoon, so it did get done too. What I haven't done is practice piano or do laundry, so I guess that's my task for this evening. I also need to write my Sunday letters, but that may be reserved for early Monday morning. We'll see how far I get tonight.

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