Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday evening

I've had a good weekend - much better than last weekend. I have started the Ladies' Bible Class/Quilting class and it was just so good to get together and share with other women, to study the Bible together and to pray for each other. The quilting is just an added bonus. I've made my first block, and made a correction in my block instructions (my excuse for making a quilt each time). I'd show you a picture, but I think my camera must have been stolen out of my van as I can't seem to find it anywhere. Oh well, it's just a "nice to have", not an essential. It also meant that I had to get the guest room set up properly as a sewing room. It looks pretty good; there's room for four machines to be set up, and yet when my kids come down there's still room for a single bed in there.

This evening I went over to WCC to help with the Bible Quiz group. We're learning the book of Luke. That was also good, to help mentor a group of students who want to know the Bible better. I baked some gingerbread (the cake kind), which also went over pretty well.

I'm nearly completely planned for tomorrow and I've done at least an hour's piano practice; so it's been a very productive day (and weekend). I am so thankful for the Lord who gives me strength in these very tough times. He is my rock and my hiding place.


Diane said...

We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Good on you with all that room to sew.

Monica said...

I'm glad for you that you're making connections in Regina. I think I would enjoy a quilting/Bible class, too bad we don't live closer! We're continuing to pray for your family.