Monday, September 1, 2008

Labour Day

I've decided that I will offer the Ladies' Quilt Class and Bible Study once more. I haven't done it for at least three or four years and I'm living in a different city now. However, this means that I need to pull out all of my materials for the class and check to ensure that they're up to date, find my samples, etc. I can't find one entire (almost) finished quilt, which means I must have left it in Yellowknife (rats anyway). However, I do have another finished set of sample blocks, so I've got them out and ready to go. There's 15 of them, but I think I'd prefer 16 for a queen-sized bed, so I've researched another block that will fit into the lesson series and have cut out the pieces for it. I'm alternating cutting and sewing with piano practice. They're both sort of fun and sort of work.

Today I went over to Ruth's and helped her sort through the clutter in her bedroom and decrease the total amount of clutter substantially. Seeing as she helped me unpack and get settled, it's only fair. Then we went out shopping for a little bit for essentials that either she or I needed, and then I came home to have a nap before doing home kind of essentials.

The one thing I needed to do today and didn't was lesson planning - but although tomorrow's the first day of school, it's not a teaching day, so I can prepare for it tomorrow night. (Nothing like leaving things for the last minute, eh?) The thing is, I always have to think about things for a long time before I can put them down on paper, and I'm still in the thinking, digesting stage.

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