Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back from camp

I spent the past week at family camp at Kenosee. It was good. I don't have much of a history at Clearview - we always went to Heritage camp, I think I only went to Clearview once as a child; but now I'm living in Regina, it's the closest camp. I helped cook. It was a lot of fun, and not onerous at all. I enjoyed the relaxation and was very happy to be back in my own bed last night.

I'm currently washing up my bedding and clothing worn at camp. When I arrived at camp and opened my sleeping bag, I discovered a bag of Bram's dirty clothing inside the stuff sack with my sleeping bag. Since he borrowed my sleeping bag back when we went to Gravelbourg (one month ago!) I figure they've been there since then. It wasn't a really welcome discovery, but I washed them once I got home. Bram should be back tonight from burn camp.

Last night was the only night I've been the only one at home in my house. I didn't move in until the end of August, and Rose was with me then. In addition, Betty moved in the middle of September, and has been with me every night from then on. To add to that, Bram moved in in January. So last night was a first. It was kind of creepy. I was having trouble sleeping. To add to that, I got up about 1 am to get a drink of water, and saw a small rodent run across my counter top. I haven't had any sign of mice since about November, and let me let you, it wasn't a comforting sign to see one now. I'm disappointed to think that I'll have to go back to traps and poison.

This morning Ruth and I made salads as usual. Lisa Vance came over and cooked with us. We all had fun. We msde five salads, as usual: Moroccan chickpea barley, a layered salad with couscous (also from Morocco), quinoa currant, sweet potato black bean and a marinated Asian salad. I also have coleslaw forever left over from last week, so we'll have lots of variety for tomorrow lunch.

I talked to Rose on the phone last night. She's settled in Quebec City; not finding her course particularly exciting, but hopeful that it will improve over time. She's not finding it particularly difficult.


Nancy said...

you need to post recipes for the salads

May's Musings said...

I may do that when we have them all together; we're actually in the process of typing them out and getting them all together.