Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, again

OK, Mission 6:10 started Friday night and I immediately got very busy. Last year it was hosted at Western; everyone slept in the dorms, and it was very close to where I live. This year it's hosted by Glen Elm, the teens are sleeping there and the adults are sleeping in a hotel right by there, and I get to drive across town 2-3 times a day. I find it makes a big difference. However, things are going well.

We had the carnival last night, which was our way of advertising the VBS for this week. It was very hot, but things went very well. Ashley R (Tate's girlfriend) organized the carnival, and she borrowed a farm truck with a water tank on the back from her sister, and so we were able to have a massive water fight (with sponges and pails) as part of the fun at the carnival (after the face painting, the clowns, and the other games had grown a little stale) and everyone had fun. We had one teen who I think likely had a little heat stroke by the end of things, but everyone seemed to do very well. The VBS starts this evening.

Both NW and Glen Elm congregations had potlucks yesterday to welcome the crew from Texas that were up for Mission 6:10. NW had theirs as a bbq, with members bringing salads and desserts. I brought salads (of course) - the ones we had made the day before. We had made: coleslaw forever, vegetable pecan salad (had both broccoli and cauliflower in it), cauliflower salad, nutty wild rice salad, and potato salad. We had also made a diabetic jello salad with strawberries in it. Then I ran errands the rest of the day, up until time for the carnival. I'll do the same thing this morning - try to be over a Glen Elm for the leader's meeting at 8:30 - then hopefully I'll have a little down time for a bit.

Last night after I got home (around 9 pm) I phoned Rose and had a bit of a visit with her but collapsed into bed by 9:30. Rose likes phone calls and e-mails; if you email me, I'll give you her phone number or if you know my cell number, her's is the same only the last digit is 3 instead of 2.

I open my windows at night to allow things to cool off a bit - it didn't do much cooling off last night; it was still 76 in the house when I got up this morning. However I've closed the windows again because it can only get hotter outside.

Time to go pick up things before I head over to Glen Elm.

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