Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday evening

I've just written a letter to my daughter, I need to write one to my mother-in-law, and I'm feeling the urge to go to bed. Before any of those, however, I think I'll do a quick post.

It's been a good day and a very good weekend. I had many of the usual crowd over for Sunday dinner. I counted 34 afterwards; there could have been others that I missed, but that was a good-sized group anyway. It was easy - just barbecue and the salads we made yesterday, plus various desserts brought by various people. I'm so thankful for a house I can easily be hospitable in, and the courage to invite people over (it's really hard for me to invite people, so I'm also glad people just come over), and friends, family and fellowship.

Bram has been practicing juggling in the living room. When the balls hit, thump! it's a really strange sound without a rhythm and I finally had to go see what was making that sound. He came back from camp last night; I picked him up at the airport. It's good to have him home again. This was his last year to go to burn camp - he's been going since he was six years old but next year he'll be 18 and too old. It has created lots of good memories for him, though. They had a circus theme this year, hence the juggling balls. He made his own, and then made another set today to give away.

Last night, after picking up Bram from the airport, we met the Williams family and friends for pizza and to celebrate Tate's birthday. It was really good to see them again. They left this morning at 5 am to drive to Minnesota for camp, so I'm glad I was able to see them before they left. They'll be back in a week, Lord willing.

I've visited with Rose on the phone a couple of times since I've been back. She's not having a lot of fun at her course, but I hope she'll enjoy it more as time progresses. She phoned this afternoon to find out how to use a toaster over (we've never had one, so she's never used one before). It's good to talk with her a little bit. I wrote her a Sunday letter too. I've been writing Sunday letters since I was 15 and away at Western for school. They've mostly turned into blog postings lately, but I'm thankful for the years of practice. I do enjoy writing them, and long ago I discovered it's really easy to write if I do it regularly, but it's really hard to start if I quit for awhile.

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