Friday, July 22, 2011

Mission 6:10 windup

OK, to start with, here are some links about what's been happening:
From CTV: a news clip
From CBC: a news clip
From CJME: a news clip

We finished up last night. We had the last night of VBS, wound up the various construction projects that had been going on and everyone ended up at the mural for a time of prayer and dedication. The group from Greenville Oaks flew back to Texas leaving at 6:20 this morning.

It has been a very busy and intense week. A lot of good has been accomplished. There are some really great photos out there of the various projects, but I'm not great at taking pictures so you'll have to look elsewhere for them. If you're friends with Carla C on Facebook, she has a lot of pictures. I'll try to get some links from the group at Greenville Oaks as well and post that when I get them.

Some of the highlights for me:
  • Spending the afternoon with my sister, Glenda and visiting with her.
  • Being on a mission trip with my sister and her family; listening to Glenda's testimony.
  • Getting to meet the East Indian family in the park and making a new connection there.
  • Visiting with many of the group from Greenville Oaks and sharing stories.
  • Not having to plan meals for nearly a full week!
  • Listening to Oscar's testimony.
  • Being able to do many small things, like picking up snack for VBS each day- that made the week run more smoothly.

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