Thursday, July 21, 2011


It was threatening rain and the wind was blowing really strongly all day yesterday. The forecast was 70% probability of rain and it looked really threatening. I was praying to the God who controls the wind and the rain because if it rained it would affect the mural as well as most of the construction sites and the VBS in the park. The strong wind would also affect the VBS in the park as it would be very difficult to hold the VBS and the kids wouldn't come out for it.

So it didn't rain all day, aside from a few windblown sprinkles.

When I drove over to Glen Elm to pick up things to bring to the park, the wind was still blowing very strongly - in fact I could feel it buffet my van on my way back to the park. However at the park the wind was calm, even though we could see the tops of the trees bending over in the wind. We had a good session - about 45 kids, and we weren't disrupted by the wind at all. Now there was a bit of disruption by the film crew. Apparently they were filming a horror movie just down the street 1/2 a block from the park and they had the big trailers and the film crew out - so there was a big distraction; and the kids were really hyper last night, but things went well regardless. The Lord continues to answer prayer.

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