Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clean Sheet Day

Saturday was clean sheet day. I got the boys to strip their beds, and I did the guest beds and my bed. Unfortunately - the boys aren't nearly as good at remaking their bed (they don't have a problem with leaving it and sleeping on the mattress cover) so I got to remake the beds as well. There's something about clean sheet day, sleeping on fresh linen, getting the blankets readjusted so they're at just the right height, I love it.

Now before you can strip the bed, you have to remove all the books from the bed, as well as all the other detritus that has accumulated. This is also a good thing. Now I know the commercials all tell how fresh the sheets smell after washing. However I use unscented laundry soap and don't use fabric softeners of any kind (I've kids with allergies to scents), so my sheets don't smell at all. I'm ok with that.

I also did up the menu for next week. I find when I've got two teenage boys in the house, if I don't do up a menu for both lunch and supper, they've got nothing for lunch because it's all been inhaled for supper. So I have to make up both a lunch menu and a supper menu for the week. The boys are on their own for breakfasts (I'm on the hook to ensure that there's enough milk and cereals.) Ruth and Walter were away for an Elder’s workshop in the States so I didn’t have to cook with her; had a lazy morning. Cut out a quilt.

I tried to post the menu too, but this program doesn't like the table, which is why I didn't post this on Saturday when I wrote it.

Sat. Supper Chicken Noodle Soup
Sun. Lunch Eat Out
Supper Ham biscuits with white gravy
Mon. Lunch Chicken soup and biscuits
Supper Fish Chowder in Slow Cooker
Tues. Lunch Stir Fry
Supper Spaghetti squash with sausages
Wed. Lunch Quiche?
Supper Chili
Thurs. Lunch Chili
Supper Chicken and Rice
Fri. Lunch Chicken and Rice
Supper Homemade pizza

Now it's Thursday night - and I can tell you that I ate at Jamdon's at noon Monday, Monday's supper wasn't chowder (Leo made supper, sausages, something with tomatoes and eggs and rice). Tuesday at noon I was running errands and ate at Taco Time (5 tacos for $5); Wed. the boys ate at Jamdon's and I had chicken soup but we did have chili for supper. I had chili for lunch today but Leo made lunch (same as Monday's supper) and I pulled a frozen premade supper out of the freezer for supper (Lentils and mushrooms with cheese - very good actually). I'm probably not making pizza for supper tomorrow anyway, but we'll see.

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