Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Semester

Today was the last day of exams at school. I had supervised exams all day yesterday but spent today marking, signing books back in, telling students to look one more time in their locker for books, etc. Got all my marking done and the marks entered. This makes me very happy. Tomorrow is a teacher work day. For me that means double checking what texts haven't been returned yet, putting all the texts that have been returned back in the back room and signing out texts for the next semester, as well as making up a list of what's still outstanding and who should be billed for missing books. I'm glad to have a full day to do all that.

I'm still unsure what I'll be teaching next semester; I know I'm team-teaching math with Mark H. three days a week (he's teaching two different math programs at the same time; same grade - actually four programs because we'll have one girl repeating last semester's math and one doing remedial math) and the other two days a week I'll be teaching Life Transitions (which is a type of team-teaching with Monica O. - because she only teaches three days a week.) However, that's only one period a day, so aside from the two periods a day I'm dedicated to the library, I don't know what I'm doing for the rest of the day yet. I'd like to know in advance, but oh well, I figure I'll find out sooner or later. Seeing as the new semester starts Monday, I guess it'll be pretty soon, even though it's later.

There's a quiz tournament this weekend; starts tomorrow night and runs all day Saturday. In addition to coaching Western's team, I'll be billeting some others. I've said I could take up to 6 boys and two couples. That will fill my spare room (one couple), my living room on the hide-a-bed (second couple) and the family room (six boys). So Bram and I went out this afternoon after school to get supplies. I only have to feed them breakfast for two days, but I know that six teenage boys can eat a lot. I'm planning for them to eat cold cereal for Saturday breakfast and having sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, etc. for Sunday breakfast. Snack food for the evenings is also really important for teenage boys (or so Bram informs me). We're having super nachos and popcorn for snack, plus Bram told me that even though it goes against our moral code to do such a thing, he's never been billeted where they didn't offer pop as well, so we bought four two-litre bottles. I guess if we have leftovers we can serve it for Sunday potluck.

Tammy came over today and cleaned for me. I hadn't had her come over since before Christmas because I've been short of funds, but it's so wonderful to come home to a clean house! I love it. I'm so grateful to her. It makes me wonder how I thought I couldn't afford it. Now I'm truly ready to have ten more people over for a couple of days.

Things I'm thankful for:
1. Tammy and my wonderful clean house.
2. Marking's completely done and marks entered.
3. Everything prepared and ready for the weekend.
4. Tammy and my wonderful clean house. (This does bear repeating.)
5. Not having to plan meals for Saturday. (Because I'm coaching for the quiz tournament, I will eat with the kids. It'll likely be taco in a bag or pizza or something, because it's a real challenge to feed around 450 extra bodies, but I'm fine with that.)

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