Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little things

I've been getting lots of little things done today. Ruth came over and we got our grocery shopping done and planned what meals we were going to make. We had great plans, but just as soon as we got back from getting groceries, Emmet and Jane arrived and we also started babysitting, which severely limited the cooking as it took pretty much one person full time to keep them happy. Bram played with Emmet the first while, which was helpful, and I wore Jane in a sling, until she crashed. However that didn't last long as Emmet demonstrated that, "See? If I talk to her, she wakes up again." Thank you Emmet. However we did manage to make a marinated vegetable salad, a Moroccan chickpea and tomato salad, three pans of (vegetarian) lasagna (but don't tell, because if you don't tell people they won't know), two freezer bags of squash soup, and a cheese-topped mushroom and lentil casserole. We had planned to make at least two more casseroles, another salad and another soup, but oh well, we did get lots done.

We also managed to get the living room cleaned up again after playing with Emmet and all the toys, and the dining room cleaned up, after doing all the cutting up and chopping there, and the kitchen (partly) cleaned up after doing the cooking. I'd like to do some sewing this evening, but we'll have to see if I catch my second wind first.

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