Saturday, August 4, 2012


Ruth and I cooked up a storm this morning.  We got groceries first, and were starting to create by 9 am.  We ended up making three salads and four soups or casseroles.  I have a wonderful three-pot slow cooker that we used, as well as my largest slow cooker.  It's now evening and I just finished finding containers for all the hot stuff (we put the salads away in the morning) and putting them in the fridge.  Ruth is now making banana chocolate chip muffins with Emmet helping.

So, what did we make?  The salads:  Greek Salad (an old favourite and really easy to make.), Couscous salad with mint (a new salad, but very nice and I think we'll be making it again) and Moroccan Chickpea Barley (another old favourite).  The hot dishes: Pea soup (one of my personal favourites), Curried Cauliflower Soup (something we tried for the first time, and it's ok, but I don't think we'll try it again), Chicken Ratatouille (very good and definitely worth repeating), and something that was called "World's Best Chicken Casserole" only we made it with hamburger (it was very good).

We did our best to clean up afterwards - made sure all the salads were binned and ingredients put away from the table, large bowls washed, etc.  However, the sink is absolutely full this evening again, it's the empty slow cookers and cup measures and stuff.  Unfortunately, none of those things will fit in the dishwasher - they're hand wash only.  I think that they will wait until morning however.  I'm very much a morning person - and what's impossible in the evening is very doable in the mornings.

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