Thursday, August 2, 2012

Starting Over

I've started over several times in my life.  Any time there's a new beginning (which always sounds so promising) it means that I'm also starting over.  I started over again yesterday.  This time the new beginning is a new job.  I'm still at the figure out what I'm supposed to be doing, how does the software work, what are my coworkers' names - stage.  I think I'm going to like the job.  I have really good coworkers - and so much of a workplace is who you work with.  I like riding the bus. (I've done it to work once and home twice now.)  I think it's a little amazing that I've lived in Regina four years now and this is the first time I've ridden the bus.

One thing that's interesting about this job is that although I was hired because of my background in Adult Education, I won't be actually teaching.  I make links between volunteer tutors and learners, and supervise the computer lab, and do lots of contacting learners and tutors - but not much teaching.  This will be different.  Being a teacher has been part of my identity for so long, that I may have to mentally redefine who I am.

Now that I'm starting to get settled in my job, I want to further explore what classes I want to take this fall.  Bram will be going to SIAST and I may want to do that as well (an on-line course).  I need to make a decision by the 15th, I think.

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Janelle said...

I hope you love it, May.