Friday, August 10, 2012

Doing Grown-up Things

I've been living alone all this month (mind you I've had lots of guests) and so any chores that need to be done, need to be done by me.  I've always felt that those jobs that you really hate doing but must be done are "grown-up things".  Grown-ups take responsibility for themselves and ensure that the important things are done, even if they're no fun to do.  That doesn't always mean that they do all the chores themselves, but they do ensure that the chores are done.  However, this week I've been home alone, so I'd better get the jobs done.

What kind of jobs do I really hate doing?  Cleaning toilets - especially in the bathroom that I don't use; scrubbing tubs, paying bills, taking out the garbage, washing out the stinky garbage can.

I find that if I can find some way of being thankful while doing those chores, it makes them much less onerous.  Doing dishes used to be one of my "grown-up things", but I've changed my thinking about it totally - it's now my time for quiet thanksgiving.  It's rare to be interrupted while doing the dishes (no one else wants that chore), so I use that time to commune with my Lord, and thank Him for my many blessings.  I can't say that I really look forward to doing the dishes, but it's no longer something to be procrastinated about or dread doing.

I'm working hard to change my thinking about paying bills.  I'm so thankful that I can afford to pay bills.  I'm thankful for the Lord for providing for me in all things, and paying bills is a way of acknowledging that He continues to provide.  Not quite there yet.

I haven't had a change of mindset yet about doing toilets and tubs.  My bright pink tub was looking grey, and I took a sponge and some comet into the shower with me everyday for the past two weeks and worked on a little section after each shower and it's looking much better.

Toilets?  Yuk!  Oh well, one baby step at a time.

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