Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last week was Mission 6:10.  I helped with it, did a bit of cooking, drafted out the Prayer Walk brochure, and helped with Northwest's VBS.  We have had a VBS for the past three years as part of Mission 6:10, and have held it each year in the park at the corner of 7th and Pasqua.  This puts us at the mercy of the elements - if it rains, it will be cancelled.  However, the Lord, as always, provides.

We always start each VBS with a carnival on the Sunday evening - an opportunity to play with the kids and meet with the parents and let everyone know that we will be having the VBS this week.  We had a good turnout for the carnival, but we don't really do attendance for that.  Monday, we had 75 kids!  That's a new record for us.  Tuesday was cold and although it had been rainy all day, it cleared up by 4 - so when we had the VBS that evening, we had a good turnout.  Wednesday and Thursday we worked at building numbers again.

I don't do much for the VBS - it's planned by the Greenville Oaks team who comes up from Texas each year.  I purchase the snacks and transport all the supplies - and consult on most of everything else.  Usually I do the attendance as well but this year we had a parent from the community who did that most nights for me.

I always find the VBS a lot of fun - and exhausting!  I was kidding with one of the other adults who was helping that the best thing about a four-day VBS was that it isn't five days.

Now I need to find the time to do the follow-up.  I took pictures of most of the kids and told them I'd try to mail them their pictures if they gave me their address.  I wanted their addresses so that I could invite them to The Party which will resume again in the fall.  I plan to mail out their photos this week and then the week before The Party starts to send them out a postcard to invite them.  (I'm also looking to find someone to pay the costs of the two mail outs and the printing of the photos - hint, hint).

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