Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday - the day before departure

I stained the wall in the living room again this morning. It looks really good and the fumes are making me feel a little ill. My parents arrived last night as we'll all be flying out of Regina. They've already figured out at least two things they forgot to bring. I guess I need to get packing - I need to do some laundry first.

I did get the washer and dryer - a front loader set for $400. It's currently sitting in my living room; have to get the old ones detached and moved out before I can put the new ones in place.

I had to give one of my long-term tenants notice. She's not happy about it; actually I'm not happy about it either, but she's over 3 months behind and I just don't think there's any possibility of her catching up; need to cut my losses.

I went by Chapters yesterday and picked up Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's latest book, Ghost Ship. It was very disappointing. It continues on in the series, but is very obviously the next book in the series. It doesn't introduce any new concepts or ideas or really any new characters. It's obviously a bridging book to the next one in the series. I wouldn't recommend purchasing it, rather would wait until it comes out in the library.

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