Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday - countdown

OK, I fly out on Saturday with my parents to go on a cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver. This is very exciting. Trying to get things done before I go.

I spent a fair bit of yesterday going from place to place looking for fridges. One of my tenants has a fridge that isn't defrosting properly and is leaking water all over her floor. She's a good tenant - has lived there 25 years, and when I looked at the fridge I realized that it's more than just unclogging the little pipe thing inside. Her fridge is a harvest gold colour! So I've promised her a new fridge. The space she has for a fridge is 30" x 60" (maybe as much as 62 or 63 inches). She has beautiful oak cupboards surrounding the space that we don't want to cut into. The Brick has a very nice fridge on sale; only $400 - 29" x 65". Sorry, just a bit too tall. Most fridges are much larger now than they used to be. I still need to check out a few more places.

I checked out the Sears Warehouse store yesterday - their appliances are a terrible price - but I did get two dressy outfits for Ruth, who has out shrunk all of her clothing. She and Walter are also coming on the cruise. I also went by the Re Store - found a whirlpool tub for $375 that I'm also musing about. They also had a really nice fridge that's just a bit too big.

Someone on Kijiji or Used Regina - I don't remember which is selling a front load washer/dryer combination for 500. I'm to see it today at 3:30 with Walter P. That's a really good price for the two of them together. I hadn't really planned on replacing mine - but I would be really happy to if I can get them for that price.

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