Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Painting

I've got the trim done - two coats in all the rooms except the master bedroom. Well, actually the other bedroom just has the first coat and I'll need to do a second coat there. Got the holes in the walls patched (thanks, Dad), several coats of mudding done, and first coat of primer on. (Forgot to put primer on the spot behind the door, but the other holes are all mudded, sanded and primed.) Got the feature wall painted the same colour as the trim through out the house. Got the front and back doors painted, two coats. Linen closet door is painted one coat. The bad news is all the trim needs two coats to look good. The good news is, I think I can get away with one coat on the walls.

Still to do:
  • second coat on trim in second bedroom
  • second coat on linen closet door
  • first and second coats on trim in master bedroom
  • all the walls in all the rooms - I've just done the trim
  • the window trim - I've just done baseboards and door trim (and doors)

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