Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday - what to do?

I'm definitely not planning on doing a daily thing all the time, but it has been interesting to try it for a short time period. I've been busy IMing with Rose this morning; have got her flight to Ottawa in late August booked, as well as mine. We'll meet there and I'll help get her set up for school.

I ended up buying a fridge from Sears. I've found out that you can't purchase a smaller fridge without wire shelves; all smaller fridges come with wire shelving - that's the only option. Oh well, I had wanted something a little nicer, but I don't want to rip out the really nice cupboards in the apartment, just so she can have a larger fridge.

I'm giving notice to one of my tenants today - she's mega behind on her rent, and has been for months. I'm giving her until the 15th to get caught up or move out. It's a really difficult decision to make, but it has to be done. (Actually, Walter P is doing it for me. God bless my brother-in-law.)

I went into Ruth's office this morning and did a quick cleaning for her. I usually save the cleaning jobs for the Taylor side of the family, but Rachel has been doing it up until now, and she's just too pregnant lately to consider doing that. I was going to go in really early and have it done before anyone got in; however I got there and realized I forgot to bring in a vacuum cleaner and had to go home and get mine - so by the time I got there, everyone was there anyway. So I have to go back this evening to vacuum Marcy's office, but did the rest of it. (I didn't wash the tile, but it's summer, and it doesn't really need it. I'll apologize to the picky, picky people I know, but I'm doing this more as a favour than as a job.) If it looks like I will do this on a more regular basis (or that Bram will), then I'm going to insist on some real tools - like a toilet brush for each bathroom (we don't have to share some things), and a real broom, not one of those silly kitchen-sized things. Also some garbage bags the right size for the garbage cans.

My reward for doing all of that is that I get to go to the public library and waste time there. I've earned it! (My to do list is gratifyingly small.)

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