Tuesday, August 16, 2011


While we were in Vancouver, we stopped by to see Aunt Trudy. She's 93 now, and living in a nursing home. It was very good to be able to stop by and visit. She's so with it - knows what's going on, and keeps up with everyone. However, it was also very difficult to say goodbye, knowing that we may never see her again in this life.

I've been talking on the phone to Rose, as she's getting ready to go off to university in Ottawa. Supposedly first year students are guaranteed a place in residence. In actuality - not always. So, she's phoning different places for rent off campus. Rose, like me, hates phoning people. Especially strangers. She's finding this very difficult, and I really feel for her. We'll meet in Ottawa next week and I'll have two days to help her get settled into a place before I have to fly back to Regina and start school. It will be a new kind of goodbye there. It's always hard saying goodbye.

In both cases, I have to trust in the Lord; that he will keep loved ones in his care; that he will watch over them and keep them safe. That everything will work out.

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