Monday, August 22, 2011

More Travel

I drove Dad and Mom to Gravelbourg yesterday and we visited the Bells after service. They were saying that they'd never been there before, but mom especially was feeling right at home because most of the older people there were people she had grown up with. After all, it was right in the area she was from.

We also had a very nice visit with the Bells - and they have a lovely farm. Robert, Melissa and kids were also there. It was however, just over 400 km there and back. I was ready for bed when we got home. On the plus side, I didn't do any more painting.

Speaking of painting, I'm done all of the trim (not window trim), but the master bedroom trim needs a second coat. It'll have to wait until I'm back from Ottawa though. I'm off to Ottawa this morning to meet Rose there. I've been paying bills on the computer this morning, and Dad's on the computer in the other room renting a car for us for the two days I'm there. I'll arrive close to midnight this evening, and I fly out again at 7 pm on Wednesday. I start work again on Thursday (which, coincidentally, is pay day - that's also a good thing.) So I've got two days with Rose in Ottawa to find and rent her a place for her to live while she goes to university there. She's been doing some of the prep work for that, I believe she delegated getting us a place to stay (a hostel) for the two nights I'm there to Bram.

I've got Rose's suitcases packed, a carry-on for myself, and I'm ready to go. A bit of running around to do this morning and I fly out at noon.

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