Friday, August 19, 2011

Painting update

I've got the baseboards and trim painted in the living room and the door frames for both bedrooms. That leaves... the baseboards in both bedrooms and the kitchen. Then, the real painting starts - the walls. I'm painting the walls the same colour as my walls, and the trim the same colour as the feature wall and pillars in my living room. That way, anytime I need to do some more painting, I should have more on hand - either for any of my suites or for my house. Works for me.

Margaret came and cleaned for me. She worked pretty much nonstop from 8:30 to 4 pm, with an hour off for lunch. I'm picking her up tomorrow to do more of the same. She's made great progress - but there's lots of cleaning still to be done. (Sort of like the painting.)

I painted pretty much all the time that Margaret was cleaning - except for the two hours when I took Rachel to the hospital. No, no baby yet - but it wasn't moving at all and she was worried. I got to babysit Emmet while she got checked out. I was wearing my really grubby painting clothes, and sitting in the waiting room with Emmet on my lap when I realized that the knee that Emmet was on was damper than it should be. So I changed Emmet - but I didn't want to get any other jeans all painty - so I wore them back to the apartment this afternoon. But I think I want to wash them before I wear them again tomorrow.

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